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Strategic Internet Marketing

As an innovative marketing company, we take an entirely fresh approach to various forms of online marketing. We are, as our name implies, Straight Marketing, which means we base our business on the theory that customers or clients need clear cut marketing strategies that provide immediate results! To that end, we show you how to get customers interested in your product or service through effective high end marketing applications. View our marketing sites for Divorce Lawyers, DUI Attorneys, and Bankruptcy Lawyers.

How We Define Marketing

Based on our years of experience in the marketing arena, marketing is an extremely important part of any business, primarily because it’s the best way to get and retain business. Companies that implement effective marketing strategies know that marketing boosts sales, which is why a forward thinking company puts new marketing ideas into practice on a regular basis. To get the results you require, there are primarily two types of marketing that keep the public aware of products or services. They are:

  • Strategic Marketing – Attempts to determine how an organization competes against its competitors and aims at generating a competitive advantage.
  • Operational Marketing – Executes marketing functions that maximize value, attract and keep customers, as well as satisfying the customer with prompt services.

Marketing Strategies That Work

In today’s high tech world, we all want to be found on the Internet and although everyone tries, not everyone has the knowledge or experience to get you there. As it is our primary goal to help you expand upon your business, we offer cutting edge online marketing strategies that have proven to help businesses grow. Utilizing tools, ideas and a unique approach, we help you reach your goals by implementing and applying progressive strategies, which include advertising, customer relationship management (CRM), workflow management software, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). In short, we make sure you have both a strong presence on the web and a positive return on your investment.

Incorporating Exceptional Marketing Tools

We know that the reason you’ve gone into business is to become a company that succeeds on the web. Your goal is not to be bogged down with details that keep you from your focus, which is where Straight Marketing comes in. To assure that your services and products sell, we take on all the peripheral tasks which frees you up to do what you do best, which is serving your customers. To ensure your success, our marketing approaches do more than produce; they drive traffic up. We achieve that by building content rich websites that target key words and phrases, which includes generic and focused search terms. We also generate press releases, write articles and maintain professional websites with large amounts of content. In addition, we incorporate exceptional advertising approaches. And to help build customer relationships, we implement CRM and workflow management software tools that work. We don’t just promise to make things happen; we make them happen!

The Effects of Automated Tools

To be sure you get the most from your business, we streamline processes by first defining an appropriate workflow. We then follow up with automated tools, which allow you to take on more clients and show you how to work with fewer employees. We achieve that by developing software tools that result in less human error. And we don’t stop there. We continue to enhance the benefits that sold your company to a customer initially by utilizing strategies that lay out exactly what needs to be done for higher productivity. Ultimately, we influence your target customers by turning them into buyers.

We at Straight Marketing apply online marketing strategies to assure you get what you need most from your business venture. If you are ready to grow your business, contact us today to speak with our marketing experts. We are here to help you by implementing the most powerful online marketing solutions so feel free to contact us at 800.713.9884 or e-mail us at with any questions or inquiries and we will respond promptly to your inquiry.

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