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Attorney Marketing

As a highly qualified attorney, you don’t need anyone to tell you that there is a lot of competition regarding your particular legal specialty. With so many attorneys now posting information on the web, you have to do everything in your power to draw in the clients you deserve. And because you’ve worked hard to build your practice, you want to be sure it continues. To that end, StraightMarketing focuses solely on helping attorneys attract their targeted audience. We do that by providing an exclusive service that promotes, markets, automates and exposes your particular legal firm to the masses, making sure it brings you many new clients in your own area.

Attract Highly Targeted Audience

Being a highly successful attorney marketing firm, we at Straight Marketing have three primary websites, each focusing on the specific area of law, namely, and Because we provide a host of information including articles, updated legal information, press releases and other marketing tools, we attract a very wide audience that uses our service to find the right attorney. Once we have a potential client that is aligned with your particular legal expertise, we then forward their information directly to your firm.

Automated Tools From Straight Marketing

In addition to marketing your services we also make sure you get the most from your business through automated tools. We do that by streamlining processes and defining an appropriate workflow for your particular business. Our automated tools allow you to take on more clients and show you how to work with fewer employees. We achieve that by developing software tools that result in less human error and greater efficiency. We also work with you to make sure that each strategy suggested lays out exactly what needs to be done for higher productivity of your company. Ultimately, we influence your target clients by turning them into plaintiffs.

Attorney Marketing Tools

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Better known as CRM, this tool covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers, and may include attracting the customer, analyzing the customer, and satisfying the customer. CRM is a comprehensive approach to customer relationship management. Suppose you were bombarded with a customer’s telephone calls every day, wanting to know the status and progress of the services you are providing. Rather than spending time on the phone, Straight Marketing can implement a CRM system where your customers can log into their account via the web and view all the details of the services being provided.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Search Engine Marketing is a type of Internet Marketing that promotes web sites by increasing their visibility in Search Engines. Straight Marketing locates, researches, submits, and positions a web site within the proper search engines for maximum exposure and effectiveness. This also includes selecting the right-targeted keywords and phrases for a web site's optimum performance.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    As a marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization increases a site’s relevance and takes into account how search algorithms work and what people search for. SEO is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. It also targets different kinds of searches including location, industry and image search. With a long history of successful SEO experience, Straight Marketing can greatly improve and enhance your web presence in search engines by ensuring that content is easily indexed by search engine robots. We also make sure your site is easy to navigate, easy to find and appealing to users.

  • Workflow Management

    In most companies, as tasks are being worked on, they often require the collaboration of several different people before they are completed. As each person finishes his share of the responsibility, they may need to pass the project along to another. This procedure is called Workflow Management. Straight Marketing helps organize and manage the workflow of your business so that it is seamless in its application and effectively completed at all stages of the process.

  • Call Center Solutions

    In today’s busy world, customer service representatives handle more calls than ever before. Whether it’s basic customer service inquiries or addressing sales transactions, demand for more efficient tools that allow for effectively conducted tasks is crucial to the success of a business. Straight Marketing provides Call Center solutions that help a company advance to a higher level of customer contact. Used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting large volumes of requests by telephone, it is a positioned in a central location where the customers telephone calls are handled by a call center, generally with some amount of computer automation.

Start Working With Straight Marketing Today

Why delay let us take your company to places you never dreamed possible. Our innovative online marketing strategies will catapult your business to new heights. If you would like to learn more, the team at Straight Marketing is available to conduct a no obligation consultation. Please feel free to call our office at 800-713-9884, fill out our attorney contact form, or if you prefer to communicate by e-mail please write to us at Contact us today and get ready to see a major change in your business.

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