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Call Center Solutions

A Call Center is a customer contact function that fields incoming calls and helps respond more efficiently to requests as well as handling outgoing marketing and telemarketing activities. Used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting large volumes of requests by telephone, it is positioned in a central location where the customers telephone calls are handled by a call center, generally with some amount of computer automation. The benefit of a call center is that good customer interaction extends customer service capabilities, thereby providing superior customer satisfaction. If a company offers incoming support or encourages informational inquiries from consumers, a call center can accommodate a larger amount of inquiries. More effective communication means a better customer experience.

Meeting the Demand for More Efficient Tools

In today’s busy world, customer service representatives handle more calls than ever before. Whether it’s basic customer service inquiries or addressing sales transactions, demand for more efficient tools that allow for effectively conducted tasks is crucial to the success of a business. Straight Marketing utilizes a Call Center solution internally, which helps to advance your company to a higher level of customer contact. By utilizing a Call Center, calls are taken from potential clients and forwarded to your business to assure that your company serves your customer more efficiently. Straight Marketing forwards a potential client’s calls directly to your firm and we do this at a nationwide level.

State of the Art Technology

Straight Marketing uses state of the art technology for integrating call center applications. Because Call Centers provide a powerful opportunity to simplify interactions involving an array of business activities and applications, by automating and optimizing work processes, the call center makes interfacing much simpler. Since callers do not wish to wait for a response to their call, inquiries can be more efficiently handled with a call center, ensuring that the quality of customer service is maintained. When a call center is implemented in conjunction with workflow management software, it provides far greater service, which can assist with a larger number of customers.

Why delay let us take your company to places you never dreamed possible. Our innovative online marketing strategies will catapult your business to new heights. If you would like to learn more, the team at Straight Marketing is available to conduct a no obligation consultation. To arrange for a session by phone, please feel free to contact our office at (800) 713-9884 or if you prefer to communicate by e-mail please write to us at Contact us today and get ready to see a major change in your business.

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