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Collaborative Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Another form of CRM is called Collaborative CRM, a highly effective method of communication as it covers direct interaction with customers including feedback and issue reporting. Interaction can take place through web pages, email and Automated Voice Response. As an important approach to customer relationship management, Collaborative CRM greatly improves on services offered and addresses such issues as sales, technical support and marketing. As a dynamic tool it allows a business to share any information collected from interactions with customers. By way of example, as a company you might want customer feedback that is gathered from a technical support session, which could inform your marketing staff about services of interest to customers. Overall, the primary purpose of Collaborative CRM is to improve the quality of customer service and to increase customer satisfaction.

An Important Business/Marketing Strategy

The primary goal of Collaborative CRM is to maximize profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction. The various technologies that support your business include gaining the attention of customers, storage and analysis of customer information, as well as internal process information. The most important part of Collaborative CRM is combining software installation with customer-oriented strategies. And while technology is a powerful tool to support CRM initiatives, without alliance to the customer, the tool is of little benefit to your service or to your company.

Collaborative CRM Results

Collaborative CRM supports processes conducted at the back office level, which affects the activities of the customer and the maintaining of customer relationships. Primarily, internal collaborative functions address IT, billing, invoicing, maintenance, planning, marketing, advertising, finances and planning. Its primary intention is to coordinate services to the customer, and supports customer issues and questions. The aim of Collaborative CRM is to get various departments within a business to share useful information. The information obtained serves to collect information that helps improve the quality of customer service.

The results of a CRM strategy are far reaching and can either be implemented in basic software or in a more complex software installation depending on your company’s requirements. We at Straight Marketing implement various CRM software packages that address a client’s needs whether it is for processes, sales or services. If you are ready to grow your business, contact us today to speak with our marketing experts. We are here to help you by implementing the most powerful online marketing solutions. Feel free to contact us at 800-713-9884 or e-mail us at with any questions or inquiries and we will respond promptly.

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